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Have a read below of my chat with super talented illustrator Alice, and get to know more about her work, her inspirations and her fabulous colour choices!

JANEY: First Alice, please tell us some more about you and your business!

ALICE: My name is Alice, I am a 2020 Textile Design Bath Spa Graduate from Surrey. My small business actually started whilst i was in college, I decided to open an Etsy shop, selling original paintings – over the years, my style has developed and changed so much! Before going to university, I studied Art and Design at college, and then proceeded to do a foundation course, allowing me to experiment with all different types of disciplines. Doing a foundation course allowed me to be challenged, and experiment and grow as an artist! I’m so thankful I was able to complete this course and my university degree as it allowed me to go down the pathway I am at today. 

J: Amazing! I also did an Art Foundation, and agree that it really helps you to confirm what exactly it is that you are interested in pursuing! So where do you find most of your inspiration for your work?

A: I find my inspiration from lots of things, it could be just me being at home with what I am surrounded by, events that have recently happened or nature itself.

J: And once that inspiration hits, what is next??

A: My design process has changed a lot over the years! As a designer, it is normal to change and grow with your work – if we didn’t, it would be very boring wouldn’t it? I’m a keen painter at heart, and a lover of gouache, and oils. But also a lover of collage. However, currently I am more digitally focused, using my IPad and Photoshop.

J: Its lovely to have such a strong, varied set of skills at your fingertips!

Your fab colour palettes are what really attracted me to your work – what would you say are your go-to choices?

A: I feel like I’m constantly drawn to certain colours and that’s why I always use them – I guess it is my style and my way of working. I love pink with green, but also love the idea of contrast, focal points and standing out, which is kinda ironic as I hate being the centre of attention!

J: I guess you can let your fabulous work be the centre of attention for you! What would you say is your biggest achievement as a business owner (so far!)?

A: My biggest achievement is selling my work on Etsy, reaching over 200 sales & seeing my work in the world! It makes me so happy when I see people purchasing my work for friends or family, or doing a commission – it really brings a big smile to my face! I love interacting with people on Instagram and sharing my work, it’s a great platform. 

J: So what’s in store for the future of Alice The Printer?!

A: Lots of new ideas for the future, and I’m even thinking about Christmas! (I know, it’s early!) 

J: Oh no not at all, it is absolutely never too early to talk about Christmas in this household, I start getting excited for the next one around about Valentine’s Day…! I’m looking forward for your collection!

Get your hands on Alice’s wonderful work in her Etsy shop – just search ‘Alice the Printer’!

To keep up to date with new pieces and behind the scenes, follow her on Insta @alicetheprinter and check out her TikTok – @alicetheprinter

Thanks for coming along for another Creative Q&A, and thank you to Alice for chatting to me!

I hope you enjoy your weekend, and I hope that it is filled with sunshine and good food!


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