Hiya! I’m back back back again for a monthly rundown! This July has been a month of much-missed time with wonderful friends, and a good few G&Ts!

As I mentioned in my round up of June, I am definitely feeling the effect on having less time at home to get my make on, but am really trying to dedicate a few evenings a week to be creative and I’m starting to get into the swing of it – even if it is just to knit a couple of squares for my wonky ‘quarantine quilt’ (a story for another day).

As always, I’ve discovered more wonderfully talented makers this month, and can’t wait to share them with you, so let’s get going!


2nd July – Creative Q&A: All The Discos
Fabulous Disco Diva Steph spoke to me about her magical lightening bolt earrings, and her favourite 80’s tracks!

9th July – Creative Q&A: Curious Twist
If naughty cross stitch is your thing, then you’ve just gotta check out this chat with amazing Melody!

16th July – I Beg Your Garden?
I put together a list of 5 small businesses who have us covered for quirky accessories for your outdoor space – we’re talking polymer clay mushrooms and glorious hammocks… what are you waiting for??

3 new accounts I have discovered this month:

These absolutely beautiful celestial rings had me clicking that ‘follow’ button way faster than I should admit…

Engraved rings by Ruby Tynan

Insanely talented Gianne creates specialises in children’s illustration and creates such charming pieces!

“Golden Flower” by Gianne Amparo

Beautiful work and a cracking ethos, this is a company I can really get behind!

Hand stamped spoon by Lana’s Basket


So I mentioned these earlier, but not sorry, they’re just that good! I bought some pink and red mushroom friends to pop in my plant pots and am so happy with them. I love seeing their cheeky lil faces peeping through the leaves!

The coolest little guys by Lotte Howe


I’ve been really feeling my little pink rainbow T from Emma Warren this month – it looks so good with dungas!


My fabric scraps are really getting out of hand at this point, so I decided to start a new project (yep another one) …
I basically just began to stitch squares together into strips, in the hope that at some point they will become some sort of quilt! I like the idea of a project that I can just keep putting down and coming back to and I also really like the fact that it is going to be incredibly ugly!

Thanks for reading, come back next Friday for a fabby Creative Q&A!


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