It’s time for another fab chat with a super talented creative, and this time it is a lovely, sunny, positive one! Well needed I think in this side-ways rain that we’ve been blessed with this week!

I had a chat to Charlotte, who is the brains, creativity and all round brilliant human behind Lotta’s House!

JANEY: Hi Charlotte! Thanks for being here – please start by telling us some more about you and the business! Have you always been a creative wiz with the sewing machine? And where did the name ‘Lotta’s House’ come from?

CHARLOTTE: Hi there, I’m Charlotte the maker and doer of all things here at Lotta’s House.

I was a busy child always baking, sticking, and cutting something, I have just always loved making, although I never imagined this could be a career. After being very lost when finishing school, I tried at least three different college courses before finding myself studying art at Loughborough School of Art and Design, I absolutely loved this course, and it gave me the confidence to go on and study Textile Art at Norwich Art School. It was on this course I first tried freehand machine embroidery, but I was stitching on plastic back then!

From finishing my degree, I worked in various textile related jobs: textile technician; digital fabric printer and art technician, before finally deciding to sell my own work. At this point, I had four children and was busy making products for their walls, which soon became making presents as other friends had children, this gave me the confidence to attempt selling my work.

The name Lotta’s House: Lotta the shortening of my name, and house because I wanted to create products for homes from my home.

J: And where do you tend to find inspiration for your beautiful work?

C: I find inspiration from vintage finds, typography, surface texture and nature.

J: Ooh a fellow magpie! Please can you talk us through your design and making process?

C: I always have a sketchbook at hand to scribble down ideas, often a design will be sketched, then a model made from paper to try out scale. Depending on the design, I might make a stencil to help positioning, then the sewing begins.

J: Your pieces feature lots of lovely sayings and text – what are your favourite wise words to live by?

C: I love a positive quote, we have a blackboard in the kitchen at home that always has one written on. The latest is: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”, Oscar Wilde. Wise words to live by as we can feel so overwhelmed by comparison.

J: That sure is a cracker. I think my favourite that I have seen on your pieces is: “Wild, crazy, wonderful you.” For the same reason – a reminder to celebrate what makes you you.
Would you describe your workspace as super-duper organised, or more creative chaos?

C: My workspace is definitely creative chaos, I am such a messy worker and constantly have a trail of thread following me!

J: That is something that I can definitely relate to. Thread snips and offcuts seem to follow me around the house! So apart from making a beautiful big mess, what is your biggest achievement as a business owner so far?

C: Biggest achievement, there have been a few pat on the back moments such as having a product selected for Not on the High Street’s Christmas Catalogue, but I’d say by far it has to be my own resilience running this business.

J: Definitely something to be celebrated!
What does the rest of 2021 have in store for Lotta’s House?

C: I have an actual real life event in July which is exciting, and a Lotta’s House website must come next. As for new products, I am always scribbling the next design so watch this space.

J: Consider this space watched!

Shop Charlotte’s pieces on Etsy (search LottasHouseStores) and Not On The High Street, and give her a follow on Insta @lottashouse!

Thanks for joining us this week, how beautiful is Charlotte’s work?! I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of chocolate and putting your feet up – see you next Friday for the June Rundown (is it that time already?!).


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