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That’s it, the last Friday of May is already here! And what a lovely way to finish the month: with a sunny (crossing everything) bank holiday, and the promise of better days ahead.

So what better a month to begin my new series – the monthly rundown! On the last Friday of every month, I’ll be looking back at what we’ve been making, who we’ve been following, which lovely small businesses we’ve been buying from etc.!

The idea came from something my Mum and I did while I was away travelling a couple of years ago, and again during the first lockdowns:
Every week or so, we would touch base by writing a list of what we were reading, eating (v. important), making, watching, cooking, pinning (Pinterest obsessives over here!) and visiting (replaced with ‘missing’ in 2020!), as a way to catch up and chat about what we’ve been up to. We would write it in a notebook, then send a photo over to each other – and it is also a really nice thing to look back and reflect on!

So using this as inspiration, I have decided to do something similar for Janey, on the last Friday of every month!
Here goes, this was May 2021!


7th May
I had a week off this week for my birthday! (Good start, I know!)
I had a beautiful sunny day at the beach, and was treated to some wonderful gifts bought from small businesses who I probably haven’t stopped banging on about for a year… (hints work I guess!)

Lucky – t-shirt by Emma Warren, ring is Gem Lettuce & hairband from Claire Bands!

14th May15 Jewellery Superstars
This bad boy is a list of 15 small businesses and makers who have us covered to emerge back into the real world this summer, with some cool, colourful bling! There’s earrings, necklaces and a whole lot of rainbow loveliness.

21st MayWall Candy
Last week I had a looky at some makers who are designing and creating some fab art and prints to jazz up your walls, and actually really struggled to narrow it down! There is SO much talent about!

3 new accounts I have discovered this month:

Probably the quickest I’ve ever clicked that blue button after seeing one image – colourful vintage wallpaper, pleasing typography and fab screen printed words – it’s a yes from me.

I discovered Dani’s page when browsing shops for the ‘Jewellery Superstars’ edit, and boy am I glad I did – my Etsy favourites are now full of these beauties!
Ceramicist and illustrator Emma creates these charming quirky animal figures (just look at those party hats!!).


For my birthday, I was also lucky enough to receive Tilly Walnes’, of Tilly and the Buttons, book: Make It Simple, so I’ve been studying the pages ready for my next project! (I’m going to attempt the ‘Safiya’ trousers first, in a orange ditsy floral. Wish me luck!!)


I bought the aforementioned floral fabric for my dressmaking debut this month, from family run fabric shop, Sew New. Heather was super helpful and it arrived really quickly, and is absolutely beautiful!


I finally got my hands on some Lucy and Yak Dungas this month (I went for the Atlas Organic Dungarees in Double Bubble Pink) so I am living my bubblegum FANTASY.


Currently, I’m working on a spring floral felt wreath to go up in our house, which was inspired by a project by the amazing Christine Leech (@sewyeah). I basically just winged it with the flowers, with a lot of trial and error and a good few rejects! I added a few seed beads, pompoms and bits of embroidery, and then placed them all on a metal frame to work out where I wanted them to sit. I then begun to stitch each flower and leaf on individually, building up the space and filling the gaps!
I am really pleased with it so far, and am loving the colour palette – I just have a few more spaces to fill and some more sparkly bits to add, and it will be ready to display!

And that’s it! May!
Its been a weird one this month, with a little hint of normality and actual real life social plans (and a whole lot of rain!)

For June, I am hoping for more sunshine, more making, and more discovering wonderful creatives!

I would recommend starting your own ‘I’ve been…’ list if you get a minute – you don’t need to necessarily set yourself a strict deadline of how often you want to write it, just pick it up every now and again! I think we have all become more reflective over the last year or so, and it is important to remember the lovely things that have made us smile over the last month!

I hope your weekend is wonderful, and I will see you next week for the Father’s Day round up!


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