So that’s it, another week been and gone – anyone else just living life in a blur right now?? Waiting on and planning for bigger and more exciting things, and trying so hard to keep that optimism flowing! I bloody love sitting on my sofa in my slippers watching Interior Design Masters with a share bag of mini eggs, but am also yearning for a jug of Pimm’s with ALL the trimmings in a pub garden, and a chance to get back out to markets and events and FUN!

So to keep us going, we’re bringing you lovely lot another addition to the Creative Q&A series, and this week I had a chat to lovely Illustrator Georgia May Designs – who’s joyful work puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face.
Let’s get stuck right in!

JANEY: Hello Georgia! Thanks so much for finding time to chat – I was buzzing to have discovered your work on Instagram a few months ago, and am super excited to learn more!
Let’s start at the very beginning – would you say that you have always been creative?

GEORGIA: Hey, thank you so much for having me! 
I’ve always been a creative person – my nanny recently sent me some photos of me as a kid actually, covered in paint and painting the walls haha!
At school I loved art and chose graphic design as a GCSE, which I took further into college where I did photography, graphics, creative writing and media. I graduated last year from University where I studied Media Production with a specialism in design, so it seems like I’ve always been on some form of creative route!
After I graduated, (during lockdown 1, so it was so strange) I was sooooo stuck. I felt the need to apply for jobs and ‘adult’ straight away. It took me a couple of months to realise I didn’t actually want to end up in a traditional 9-5 job, I wanted to follow my own path so that’s what I started doing! I began posting regularly to my Instagram page and invested in a printer and the whole Instagram and Etsy journey started from there really! 

J: Wow I didn’t realise how recently you graduated! Its mad how much you have achieved in under a year – just think where you could be in 5!
Where do you tend to find inspiration?

G: I tend to take inspiration from everyday things; what I’m doing on a particular day or how I’m feeling can definitely have an impact on what I feel like drawing. Nature is a massive inspiration for me; I love walking and being outdoors, I love plants and flowers, and I truly could draw them all day long! 

J: I would have to say that your enjoyment in creating these floral pieces is so clear in the outcomes – they are so fresh and full of life, and put a big old smile on my mug!
So once you have that initial spark of inspiration, what is the general process that you tend to follow in order for that idea to develop into a piece of work?

G: I generally start off by sketching out a concept; I’ve done many at 3am in the morning when I’ve woken up with an idea and when I look back at it in the morning, I feel like I need a translator to figure out what on earth it was meant to be haha! 
Once I’ve got a sketch down, I go in with colour. My palettes are always very neutral and calming with pops of colour, and I’d say they’re very seasonal! I then tend to go in and do some cleaning up and also add in some details, and then finish up with texture and shading which is my favourite part at the moment. 

J: Yes I’d definitely agree – that seasonal element of your colour choices is a fab touch. Your palettes are refreshing, calming, and natural, but always do include that refreshing ‘pop’ that is needed to stand out from the rest!
And then, as you say, the textures do then add that extra depth to the designs, which is the perfect touch to finish them off.
If you had to describe your illustrative style in three words, what would they be? 

G: Hmmm… calming, warm, and fun! 

J: Perfect! I would probably say that your illustrations of people are my favourite, but if you really had to choose, what would be your favourite thing to draw? 

G: Thank you! Can I cheat and say two things…? My no.1 would 100% be plants and flowers – if I’m every in a bit of a rut, I’ll always sit down and draw some flowers. No.2 would probably be people. I’m currently drawing a piece for International Women’s day and I’ve spent almost 4 hours drawing 25 ladies, giving them all different hairstyles and accessories and dressing them in clothes I wish I could wear right now. It’s genuinely like a game of dress-up and it’s so satisfying haha! Here’s a sneak preview! 

J: Once finished and posted on the ‘gram, this image got a WHOLE lot of (very well deserved) love, so do pop over to her feed (@georgiamaydesign) to take a look!
Georgia please can you tell us about your work with The Female Hustlers?

G: The Female Hustlers project has been so fun! So the Female Hustlers is a group of really inspiring women who are amazing at what they do in sooo many different areas. These women all came together to collectively take part in the Female Hustlers masterclass which is a series of courses that cover things like business, design, health and fitness, spirituality – honestly the list is endless, and to be a part of it has been incredible. 
Back in June 2020 I had to record a 45 minute tutorial – my course covers how to create an illustrated map using Procreate. I’ve always been so camera shy, so this was leaps and bounds out of my comfort zone, but I’m so grateful I did it. 
As well as 75+ courses, members also get access to a private Facebook group where you have access to so much extra content and behind the scenes. The course leaders all hold Facebook lives which are so fun! Each month I do a live draw with me and I love it! 
The doors are closed for the moment but here’s the link to the waiting list if you’re interested:

J: Fabulous! Sounds like a mega cool place for lots of talented people to get together and share their skills!
Now, the Masterclass is probably up there, but what would you say is your biggest achievement as a business owner so far? 

G: My biggest achievement so far as a business owner.., hmm that’s quite a tough one! It sounds very cliché but the way I turned around a tough situation after graduating and found positives is something I’ll always be proud of, but a standalone achievement would probably be hitting 15k on Instagram. I started the year off with less than 200 followers, so to end the year with over 10,000 was MAD. 

J: That really is incredible, and I’m so glad people are discovering what you can do! You’re brill and so talented, so long may it continue!

Browse Georgia’s gorgeous range of cards and prints over on her Etsy shop ( and give her a well earnt follow on Instagram @georgiamaydesign

It was such a joy to speak to Georgia and I am truly and utterly captivated by each new design she creates – thank you for taking the time to read along, and I will see you back here next week for another Q&A!

I hope your weekend is full of sunshine (and chocolate), and that Monday takes it easy on us!


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