Its Friday! And that means another update from us – and boy have we got a good-un this week!
We were super duper lucky to have the chance to speak to Bethan, of Little Lucciola.

Dublin based Bethan creates beautiful handmade décor for modern dolls houses – scrap that mental image of the stuffy, old fashioned miniatures that Granny is so fond of, and think instead of mini contemporary interior design, soft furnishings and accessories! Inspired by real houses and interior & styling trends, the attention to detail in these mega cuties is astounding.

Created using a variety of materials and crafting techniques, Little Lucciola’s wares generate a massive double take. It really does take a second for your eye to register the fact that these are actually mini versions of our favourite interior pieces, which make up teeny tiny rooms that are way cooler than my actual house!
Little Lucciola has featured in Mollie Makes and Ideal Homes UK (read here!), need I say more?!

So as you can imagine, we were buzzing to have the opportunity to have a chat!

JANEY: Hello Bethan! Please tell us more about how things all began!

BETHAN: I have always loved art, crafting and making since I was a kid…one of my first craft memories is making tiny clothes with my mum on her sewing machine just in case a little ‘Borrower’ visited (I was a massive fan of the BBC series at the time!). My Mum bought me my first sewing machine in my 20s and I started experimenting making purses and bags; I made some for friends and family then opened my shop on Etsy.  I didn’t make miniatures again until I was on maternity leave with my second child (nearly 5 years ago now). I wanted to make my 3 year old a ‘boys’ style doll house and went down a rabbit hole searching the #moderndollhouse hashtag! I bought the Ikea doll house shelf and started making little pieces of furniture and accessories for it when my youngest napped. I had so much fun I made a few more items and ended up making an Instagram account just for my minis and that was that! I was hooked! It then evolved into building little rooms inside the suitcases and becoming totally and utterly addicted to miniatures!

J: I have to ask, do you use a magnifying glass to assist you, or do you just have super duper vision?

B: Ha this made me laugh…no magnifying glass needed at the moment (maybe that’ll change in a few years!!!) but I do need tweezers sometimes when my fingers get in the way! Sometimes I wish I had smaller fingers as when I’m placing little items inside the play cases it gets a bit fiddly!

J: I honestly don’t think I would have the patience for work so tiny and fiddly, so I have massive respect for you!
What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?

B: Hmm this is a tough one…with regards to an actual project I have to say the Mollie Makes feature. I was such a fan of the magazine and it was a real pinch-me moment being asked to make them a miniature craft room!  I’m also proud that I’ve somehow managed to get things made at all in my limited spare time…I really don’t know how it happens sometimes! A little bit here and there and eventually something gets finished in between my real job and being a mum of two.

J: I can really imagine just stepping into that craft room, an absolute creative haven! That feature is such a huuuuuge achievement, and I think that was when I first discovered your fabulous work, back in 2018.
I also cannot believe that you do this on the side, alongside a full time job and raising 2 children?! Talk about super woman…
So it looks like a huge amount of different skills go into making your creations, which is your fave?

B: Ooh this really varies depending on my mood but I’ve really gotten into punch needling over the past year or so, I’m a bit obsessed and have ventured into bigger scale items too but merging the woolly makes with my love of miniatures is the perfect combo for me, I absolutely love it! Making tiny wool rugs, cushions and wall hangings brings another bit of ‘realness’ to a doll house, I love experimenting with the different styles and techniques – I just want to do it all the time at the moment!

J: I bet! Needle punching certainly has to be one of the most satisfying techniques I’ve tried.
What is the smallest item you have ever made?

B: I work to 1:12 scale so I tend to make similar size items so don’t tend to make much smaller than that. I find it amazing how people work on much smaller scales, their work is SO so tiny! .I’ve been experimenting with bending tiny wire words lately, they are a bit fiddly but fun and tiny little pencils are really fun too and a really easy craft to do with the kids too!  The most challenging and rewarding item was a tiny peg board for the ‘Mollie Makes’ mini craft room, I loved how it came out and that I could actually use to hang little scissors and a clip board on!

J: Funcional, AND super duper cute!? Sign me up.
Okay so thinking ahead – have you set any goals for 2021, or do you prefer to go with the flow?

B: I am most definitely going with the flow, I don’t really have much of a business head and usually just go with what I feel like making at the time, I’m sure this doesn’t make much business sense but it’s all about the enjoyment factor for me. In the current Covid climate it’s hard to plan too far ahead isn’t it, I think the priority is to always have fun with it! At the moment if I get to squeeze in some craft time aside from work and home-schooling then I’m winning!! I have a few ideas that I’m itching to try, if I get time to put them together then great but it’s nice not feeling too much pressure. 

J: That is so so true, I think we have all learned to be more flexible over the last year, a must in order to stay sane among all the cancellations and plan changes!
And so finally, where can we get our hands on your dreamy work??

B: Etsy! I keep thinking about making my own website but I haven’t made the move over yet. At the moment I am only getting to restock every few months as it takes me so long to make and build up stock in between normal life!


So you heard the lady: keep an eye out for the next restock coming spring-time, and in the meantime follow Bethan over on Instagram @little_lucciola for CONSTANT inspo and delightful miniature updates.

We’re so so grateful to Bethan for finding the time to speak to us, and hopefully you enjoyed reading, thanks for dropping by!
Have a wonderful weekend, and let’s hope for some sunshine!


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