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I hope you pattern and colour lovers are ready for an absolute FEAST for your eyes! Today we have got a wonderful Creative Q&A with the lovely lovely Fuz, founder of online fabric shop Cloth&Candy. Think contemporary prints to inspire all kinds of makes, and lots of trimmings and accessories to make you beam!

Fuz’s stock gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, I’m an absolute sucker for an exciting colour palette and she sure offers that, alongside fun and playful prints – so many project ideas, so little time!

Cloth&Candy has had a few sneaky little features on Janey already – including Halloween (Trick or Treat Yo’self) and more recently, our first post of 2021 (New Year New Skills), so I am super duper pumped to finally get to have a full chat!

JANEY: Hello Fuz – thanks for joining us! Please tell us how Cloth&Candy came to be!

FUZ: I started Cloth&Candy almost 6 years ago now! Time really has really flown and it’s been an absolute labour of love. I’ve always loved the creative arts. My dad loved to draw and enjoyed photography and my mum has always been crafty and loved to sew for me and my brothers as we were growing up, but it was a more recent trip to Pakistan to find my dream wedding dress that got me all excited about opening up my very own fabric shop. We visited so many textile shops, one in particular was filled to the ceilings with beautiful printed and embroidered throws and cushions – I was in heaven! I came back with FAR too many textiles that had nothing to do with my wedding and had this seed of an idea growing my head!

J: What a beautiful story, and that sounds like my absolute heaven too! So since that seed has grown into what Cloth&Candy is today, what would you say has been your biggest achievement?

F: I think my biggest achievement has got to be getting through the Great 2020 Lockdown Juggle! 2020 saw business growing further for me which was great, but what was unexpected was having my pre-schooler at home and having to balance the increased work load with everything else going on too. My husband and I were even working through the final six months of a major house renovation too and finally moved in last  August so it was definitely busy! We have been so lucky and have so, so much to be thankful for in a difficult year for many. But as other parents at home with little ones understand, this was incredibly stressful and there were (and still are) a lot of late nights and far too little sleep. But I am proud of myself for somehow managing this business as a one-woman show. Both myself and hubby had to find new ways of working and taking care of our little man. Here we are in 2021 and we’ve now added homeschooling to the list of skills on our CVs. I swear, I cannot waaaaaait for this horrid virus to go away so we can get the schools open again haha! THE JUGGLE IS REAL!

J: It sounds like you’ve got HEAPS on your plate, but you are smashing it!
A mean one now: if you absolutely had to choose, what is your ultimate favourite colour combination?

F: Oh man, you can’t ask me this, I have a shop full of beautiful colour combinations!! If I had to pick, I love blush pinks, whites and greys with a pop of deep green perhaps. I’ve just realised I’m describing how I’m slowly decorating our house haha. Shh, don’t tell hubs about the pink… 

J: No I know what you mean, I’m a turquoise, coral and sunshine yellow kinda gal, and I look around me right now and that is very very clear!
So other than colour palettes to make you squeal, what other kinds of things do you look out for when searching for fabrics to sell? 

F: When I’m looking at fabrics, I literally wait for my heart to skip a beat, sounds cheesy, but that’s how I know it’s for my shop. I go with my gut! I love great colour, beautiful design and modern twists on prints. I’m drawn towards pattern like a magpie to shiny things, and am picky about the brands I hold and I’m so excited to be looking at new suppliers for 2021. Watch this space!

J: I love that! And I think that your stunning collection of prints in the shop is definitely reflective of this – you’re clearly not sourcing any old haberdashery – there is a clear love for what you do in your stock and it is wonderful that the choices come from the heart!
So how about another ultimatum – spots, stripes, animal print or florals?

F: Ooh I do love a good stripe, but pair it with a floral and you have a winner!

J: Well word on the street is that you are a bit of a pattern matching wizard, so that makes sense!
Do you have any new plans and goals for the business this year?

F: My plan for 2021 is to grow the variety of brands/products I stock. I have found some new suppliers who I’m excited to start discussions with! I can’t wait to get hold of new bits. Oh, and when this lockdown is over, I’ll be hiring someone to come and work for me. That’s a big step for me, but I am so excited to take a step back from some day to day tasks to give more time to building the business and sourcing more incredible fabrics for Cloth&Candy! 

J: That is super exciting, I’ve seen a lot of small businesses reaching out recently, saying that they are looking to hire help – it is great that you have been so busy and it will be fab for you to be able to take a step back and work on the business! Can’t wait for those new bits to arrive!

Shop Cloth&Candy’s fabulous collection of printed fabrics and sewing accessories at
Get a look at the behind the scenes (and some dreamy fabric packing shots) with a follow on Instagram @clothandcandy, and search ‘cloth&candy’ on Facebook!

Fuz has got heaps of gorgeous goodies in her winter sale at the moment, and you can get free delivery to the UK on all orders over £30! Head on over to the website to have a browse!

Thanks for joining us and Fuz this week for our Creative Q&A! We’ve another exciting chat next week with Gem Lettuce Jewellery so please do pop back next Friday morning – see you there!


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