We are so beyond excited to bring you the first addition of our Creative Q&A series!

For this week’s feature, we had a chat to lovely Alicia at Olive & Ochre – brand spanking newly launched floral artist.
Specialising in dried and silk floral arrangements, Alicia has an incredible eye for colour. One quick scroll through her Instagram page is a feast of beautiful dried blooms in a consistent soft, romantic palette of natural terracotta, beige and sand.
We’re desperate to get to know a little more about the wonderfully creative brain behind Olive & Ochre, and an idea of where her inspiration and concepts come from.

JANEY: Hi Alicia! So first please tell us a bit more about you and Olive & Ochre: where did the idea for starting the business come from, have you always been interested in florals?

ALICIA: I’ve loved flowers for years and nearly went into floristry when I left school, but went down the fashion path instead. I feel like I always come back to flowers eventually and my wedding renewed that love all over again. That’s when I started to think of ideas and those ideas became Olive & Ochre!
My own wedding made me realise my style: boho, free flowing and slightly messy and this is hopefully shown in Olive & Ochre!

Alicia’s dreamy bridal bouquet by @lilylupinfloraldesign

J: Where do you find your inspiration?

A: I find Instagram and Pinterest so inspiring. There is so much creativity around, especially via some of the American creatives. These platforms inspire everything from colour palettes to the flowers I use.

(We’ve included links for Alicia’s Instagram & Pinterest below, have a little peek – you won’t regret it!)

J: What would be your dream bouquet?

A: Something that includes all my favourite: silk orchids, pampas grass, anthuriums and of course, dried palms!

J: What’s on the cards for Olive & Ochre’s future?

A: After seeing how the wedding industry has been affected by covid-19, I’m hoping that incredible, creative elopements will be the way forward!
You will be seeing elopement packages on our Etsy shop very soon!

J: Super excited to see those! Where can we get our mitts on one of your beautiful pieces?

A: We launch our Etsy shop next month and we will eventually have a shop on our website too!

Etsy shop launching on 7th August at: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/OliveandOchre

Give her a follow on Instagram at @oliveandochre to keep up to date, or have a nosy at her Pinterest! (www.pinterest.co.uk/OliveandOchre)

We’re mega grateful to Alicia for giving up her time to speak to us, and very excited to see what is to come for Olive & Ochre!

Please do check back in next week for more inside snippets from other crazy talented creatives!